This website, like myself, is several things. It’s a collage of creativity and practicality, vocation and recreation. Personally, it serves as a dynamic representation of various work and content I continue to cultivate as I travel this bizzarre path through music and technology at what is an exciting, if not rather chaotic, period for both. Externally, I hope something I’ve shared here helps or encourages the work of another; I’ve no idea who said it first – nor do I think it really matters – but no artist exists in a vacuum.

Lucky enough to call NYC home, I have the good fortune to be pursuing my PhD at NYU in the Music and Audio Research Lab, under the direction of Dr. Juan Bello. My main technical research interests are comprised of music informatics, semantic music analysis, machine learning and data visualization. Outside the wonderful world of technology, however, I’m intrinsically drawn to behavioral psychology, intellectual property and copyright law, philosophy, user experience design and cognitive science.

When not being a total geek, I thoroughly enjoy craft IPAs, travelling, languages, snowboarding, keyboard shortcuts, alliteration, and running all over Brooklyn (literally and figuratively, I guess).

Curriculum Vitae

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