An Experiment in Electric Guitar Cabinet Design

In another life, in possibly a previous century, I would have likely become a luthier, carpenter, or other wood-working craftsman. Plain and simple, I truly enjoy everything about it: the smell of fresh cut wood, the feel of a finely sanded grain, and the nuances caused by its sensitivity to weather. Creating things, tangible or artistic, is the bee’s knees.

I also have this guitar cabinet (sweet pic below). It’s a Behringer 412 Ultrastack, rated at 400W, that I bought when I was a sophomore in high school because I thought it would make me a better guitarist. It didn’t — at least not instantly — but I played significantly more after the fact, so I can’t say I regret it. Years later, I still have it, impressed daily by how it sounds paired to my MESA dual rectifier (which will never leave me).

My love affair with the half-stack has sadly come to an end, however. I am thoroughly sick of hauling it around, thoroughly sick of it barely fitting in the back of my Honda Civic… I give. What this does present, though, is a marvelous opportunity to combine one passion (dismantling things I own) with another (building things out of wood).

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